A Giving Christmas with Amanda Rose

Hi everyone I'm Amanda from AmandaRose I'm so excited to be here today to show you a fun super easy and very fast giving gift. A Giving Christmas should be every year and be like a week long just so you can give to as many people as possible and hope you touched at least one soul :o). Today I'm going to show you all a cute little heart that can be made up so many different ways. This one I sewed on the sewing machine but I have a couple cut out that me and my girls (7 & 5) will be hand sewing with children's needles (or knit needles). This is such an easy fast sew you could whip out a handful in a day and a heart means so much that it's a great little gift for everyone, all ages all genders so I hope you enjoy!

Fleece Heart Toy Tutorial.....


Now time to go make a bunch and we can start handing them out to family, friends, neighbors and strangers give away a special piece of your heart this holiday season and you will gain so much more in life....

Thank you so much for having me I hope you all enjoy and remember when the kids sew them up have them sew images or glitter or bedazzle fun little designs or scribbles on the front on the hearts for an even extra special touch all will love dear to there heart.

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