A Giving Christmas with Handmade Boy

Hi everybody! I'm Kelly from Handmade Boy and I'm here to share how my daughters and I made quick and EASY scarves for their friends this Christmas.

And I admit, they kept a couple for themselves, also. Hey, when they are this easy, why not make one for yourself?! You'll have extra yarn anyway.

Okay, to get started, you need some super chunky yarn. I bought a few different types that are good for this sort of scarf. The chunkier the strand, the better! These are all from Hobby Lobby if you are wanting to know. No affiliation, they are just the closest store to me. :)

First things, first. Decide how long you want your scarf. We ended up with about 36" for a "tween" and my 5' tall 13 year old wanted about 38".

Next, measure how far apart your child needs to hold their hands. That distance will be the same as what you just measured above.

We are going to loop the yarn around her hands. If you are doing this on your own, you can use the backs of two chair pushed together to get the right distance, or sit on the ground and use your feet. :)

Now, just wrap the yarn! Have your child hold the end with their thumb, keep a tail, we will need to knot it in a minute. We did 12 strands for this scarf.

Now, tie the ends in a knot.

Simple enough, right. :)

Now, take a new stand of yarn, mine was about 36" long, and you are going to use this to wrap the stands together, over the knot you just tied. Position your yarn like the picture below, wrapping the yarn around the bunch, leaving a tail at the bottom, approxamiately 8" long. 

You will use the top end of the strand to wrap OVER the tail on the bottom.

 Just keep wrapping over and over again. I started just above my knot. Wrap over the knot and that tail from the step above, until you have about three inches of tail left. The tail is that strand of yarn above on the top of the group. Just wrap and wrap until there is only a few inches left.

Then knot the wrapping stand and the tail together. Clip those ends, not too closely to the knot, about 1/2" away, and tuck the knot and ends up into the wrap.

And that's it! You're done! Super quick, right! 

The variegated yarn make a GORGEOUS scarf. We did a LOT of loops for this one for a super full look. We also started our wrap section at the start of the purple so we could take advantage of the color fade. I didn't cut the strand for the wrap on this one, we just wrapped from the skein until it was as wide as we wanted it. This one is about five inches wide.

This gray scarf is made from fleece yarn. Sooo cozy!!

We got fancy for this scarf and added a chunky braid to the strands. It was easy to do and adds some interest to a rather simple scarf.

I took 12 strands approximately 60" long and tied them in a knot at the top. Divide into three sections with four strands each and then braid loosely. I held the end down with the leg of a chair. It's all about technique!

When you get to the end, tie in a knot again. I just used a slip knot. Be sure to leave tails! Now, tie the tails together to make a braided loop. Now just add that to the loop strands like we made with the cream scarf. Simple! Start your wrapping above the knots so you can hide those.

And there you have it! Another simple scarf! This is a great project when your kids have a dozen friends each that they want to give gifts to. A skein of yarn costs anywhere from $4-$8 regular price. (cough, cough, look up coupons to save some money!) You can easily get probably 3-4 scarfs out of one skein if you keep them thinner like the cream scarf. Heck, maybe even five! The thick colorful scarf, we can get two, maybe three scarfs out of the skein.

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