A New Year

I hope everyone's holiday season was amazing!
We got to see lots of family and our Christmas day was perfect. I then went down and got to spend almost a week with one of my most amazing friends for New Years. Although we basically had 2 year old twins, a set of triplets and the oldest sibling that got to just deal with it between us, the kids did amazing. There were a few small meltdowns and a toilet that was plugged for a day, but really, we are talking small fry stuff here. I just got back last night and already wishing my friend just lived next door. 
Ah well, one day!

 I am singing Hallelujah that it's a new year and a new start and I am going to be changing. This year is going to be more about having a blast with my kids doing what we all love. I'll still be posting pictures of my kids in things I sew, because hey, we really do love it, but it's getting changed up. 
I have had a small photo studio kit for 6 years that I have barely touched along with the want to learn to use manual mode on my camera. My kids also have a major lack in super amazing dress up clothes, and we really have to rectify that. Did I mention they are all anime fans, so yeah, we're going to be having a lot of fun!

(My friend Valinda made most of the costumes the girls played in. You can check out her absolute amazing skills here: Once Upon a Costume!)

So, here's to an amazing and wonderful new year!! 

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