Boy's Can Wear Pink

I'm so excited to be part of Handmade Boy's, "Boys Can Wear Pink" series!
My boys love pink. If you notice my blog picture, boys are in pink where the girls are in blue. LOL

We just went through tons of Gavin's clothes and he has quite a few pink shirts, so I decided to make something for the child that needs clothes right now. Jude has grown so much! He's quite the little boy now!

Jude absolutely loves pink. He will grab my pink knit and hand it to me asking to make him a shirt. He's learned this from his older sisters who always ask me to make so and so an item. LOL No matter what, this series is perfect for him. I love my boys hair long too and we have always gotten the "your girls are so cute!" comments no matter how they're dressed, so you know, another stereotype to break. ;)

I used the Jolly Roger Raglan tee from Patterns For Pirates and decided to use Kelly's "Boys Can Wear Pink" stencil (you can go here to get that!) cause it's so cool! We were fresh out of yellow paint though, so he got sparkly gold paint instead!
The jeans are from The Childrens Place
What?? You can't expect me to sew everything! I have 5 kids, people! ;)

This kiddo will be getting many more "pink" items this summer. Which makes Jude jump for joy!

Make sure to check out everyone else on the blog tour. There are so many amazing ways to incorporate pink in boys clothes!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway too!!!!

$25 gift certificate plus a surprise fat quarter from Phat Quarter Shop
One yard of solid cotton/lycra & one yard of coordinating fabric from Purple Seamstress
One pattern of choice from Paisley Roots
$20 store credit from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop 
One pattern of choice from Patterns for Pirates
One Pattern of choice from Titchy Threads


  1. That shirt is awesome. Looks like it came straight out of a store.

  2. This is so perfect! I love the whole thing, including that gold paint.

  3. I love it so much! He looks so great in pink.

  4. He is so dang cute!!! Thanks for sewing for the series!!

  5. The pink together with the blue is sooo good. And his eyes - beautiful! Plus i love that stencil!

  6. Oh my gosh, this outfit is adorable and so is Jude!

  7. Love it! That looks fabulous! My very manly nephew is a pink for boys advocate!

  8. This is such a killer shirt- I couldnt' believe when I realized it wasn't upcycled. Really great work mamma, you are always one to impress!!!


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