Monthly Mash-up


Have you heard of Monthly Mash-up over at Call Ajaires?? I love seeing the combo's she posts and I love mashing patterns, so when Ajaire asked if I would guest post this month I totally jumped on it! 
The two patterns this month are:
 The Gardenia Dress by Cali Faye Collection. I love her patterns and own most. 
And The Lotta Dress by Compagnie M. I got to test Marte's first pattern, the Mara blouse and I've been so excited to see her company grow!
Both dresses have some awesome features and I was excited to mash these together.

So what did I do? Basically the opposite of Ajaire. LOL 
I love the cap sleeves of the Lotta, so I had to put those in. Especially with this wonderful weather we've been having. That's the only thing Ajaire and I did that was the same. Then I used the button back of the Lotta.

The parts of the Gardenia I kept was the neckline and the front feature in the bodice. Except, instead of making it part of the bodice, I made it to be more of a sash. I did sew the front top part of the black onto the bodice, but the bottom isn't attached at all.
Then I went completely off the patterns for the skirt. I'm a total rebel that way. Kind of like this kid and her picture taking skills.....

So there you have it! Our Lottenia! Or I guess you could call it the Garlotta...
Oh! Did I forget to mention that you can win both of these patterns over at Call Ajaire's? But hurry fast! The giveaway ends tonight!!


  1. First of all, I love her! Haha those pics are the best. Second, the length of the skirt is perfect on her Karly! I think the idea of not sewing down the chest panel is so cool. It really feels like a sash that way. I love that we did the mashUps a little different cause it shows how much mashing can extend the use of your pattern stash. Thanks for mashing along Karly!!

  2. She is just too much!! I love these pictures :) The dress is gorgeous - the black is the perfect foil for the floral print. Well done!! - Amy

  3. That is such a great mash up Karly. I am going to want to make one of my own.


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