Titchy Threads Twisted Trousers

There are some designers that I absolutely adore. Titchy Threads is one of them. The fit of her patterns is incredible and I love how professional every item turns out. I have every single one of her patterns and they are my staple items for my kids wardrobes.

Her newest pattern is the Twisted Trousers. I first saw them last September when I participated in Sew For Kindergarten. I couldn't wait for them to come out and totally jumped on board to test them.
I tested the size 10 waist for Gavin, but we had to add length. He chose the combo himself. My boys love pink!

We did the piping and eyelets for the drawstring version. 
He's worn them to school a few times already.

We also tested size 4 with 7 length for Zoe. These are very easy to adjust the length.
I did the simplest version and didn't add any piping and omitted the front pockets.

They are a huge hit! Another staple added to our closets.
The Twisted Tank was also re-released today with the option for just a regular tank. We added sleeves to our twisted tank for the winter and I can't wait for the weather to warm up to make the tanks! 

When you buy the Twisted Trousers you can get the Twisted Tank for half off. 
Also make sure you join Titchy Threads Newsletter to get a 25% discount on ALL Titchy Threads patterns until midnight GMT on March 11th. 
We really love our Titchy Threads patterns!!


  1. Both trousers are absolutely fantastic. Laura was kind enough to gift me the twisted trousers pattern. I'm seeing many of them in my daughter's future for spring time!

  2. you just keep getting better and better Karly. love the trousers.

  3. WOW WOW Love both versions! Great pattern!

  4. Both versions are awesome and I love that Gavin chose the pink piping. Love the photos too!


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