KCW Day 3

When I asked Zoe what kind of shirt she wanted she said, "Totoro!". So we looked online for different pictures. This is the one she chose! I asked her what color she wanted her Totoro and she replied, "RAINBOW!" So, there you have it! Her Rainbow Totoro shirt!
I used the Skipper Top from Sew Much Ado which is amazing and is on sale for $5 for Kids Clothes Week. I love the fit of this shirt and we will be making quite a few for summer.
I still have much more to sew and hopefully can get to it tonight! 
I've been loving seeing all the awesome things showing up at KCW!


  1. Rainbow Totoro. Best idea ever! Has she seen this? http://society6.com/product/my-rainbow-totoro_print#1=45

  2. Some of my favourite baby brands are Chino kids and Re-play, >Snuggle hunny kids,play forever.


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