May Challenge

Being as crazy as I am, I took a break from sewing clothes for a local fair to make this summer dress for Zoe. My girls have told me that all they want to wear this summer are dresses and that makes it pretty easy for me!

I did make a couple of changes to the Summer Chevrons Shirt.
One- I made it a dress (we're keeping the girls wants in there).
Two- I changed up the arms a bit. I cut it at a slant so it wasn't so boxy, left off the flutter sleeves and I used facings to finish the arms.
The top fabric is a neon yellow (although it looks green) chambray I got from Nutta. It's lovely and I had JUST enough for the top of this left.
The Flamingo Knit I got from Nuttalls here in Utah.
SOOOO perfect for summer!

 Now, I have to admit I have been horrid at adding labels to the clothing I make my kids, but that is changing! 

You can see how much this chick-a-dee loves her new dress!!


  1. Lovely! The color combi is great!

  2. Awesome Karly. Perfect for summer.

  3. Awesome Karly. Perfect for summer.

  4. Adorable. I love the little bow/tie in the front of the waist.

  5. Cute dress! Every girl needs a flamingo dress for summer :)

  6. I like how you used facings to finish the armholes. The color combination looks like a sweet summer day. Great job.

  7. I love knit summer dresses--so comfy and easy! These fabrics are really cute together.

  8. I love simple clothes, and this dress is just adorable!


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