KCW: Places To Go

Another place I LONG to go to is the beach. We have not been for 4 years now which is mindblowing.
That's also where one of my favorite pictures of this monkey was taken.

Aevarie really wanted a one piece suit and I knew the Azur was the perfect one for it. 
For the one side, Aevs wanted a colourblock with black and pink

She chose to have the cross straps in the back.

The other side we made in Hello Kitty fabric, which I actually thought would be her favorite side, but it's not! I'm pretty sure this girl inherited my long legs too.....

She does love that it's reversible and I love that I still have 2 more girls that can go through it. Hehe. 
Thank you Celina & Laura for such a wonderful and fun pattern! I know this girl LOVES it!

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