Sewing For Kindergarten 2015

 Last year I kicked off Sewing Like Mad's Sewing For Kindergarten Series, and this year I'm bringing it to an end. I've absolutely loved going and seeing all the other posts. So many lovely outfits and stories for these children starting school. I've also found out that some homeschool like us! So when you're finished reading, you should go check them all out!
Since we're homeschooling, pretty much everything was fair game to make Paisley. So we started with her favorite: A dress.

Then to sate my practical side, I also made her a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

Paisley is very dainty and sweet, so dresses and lace speak to her.
I used Violette Field Threads Clara that I lengthened into a dress and used Art Gallery Unicorn Fable Viole that I bought from Phat Quarters

I used the lace in place of a second ruffle. 

- Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not what number child is this?
Paisley is my 4th child to go to Kindergarten. She's my very quiet child that I usually find playing house or dolls alone. She's soft spoken, until you get to know her. Then this child is crazy!

- Do you feel like crying or celebrating?
I don't quite know yet. Since we're homeschooling I still have her with me all day, every day. But being a Kindergartner also means she's growing up and I'm not very excited about that. LOL

Besides being a dainty little bird, Paisley is super silly. 
I made her the Radical Raglan Hoodie found in S is for Sewing Ebook. Super cool and cozy? Oh yeah.
The French Terry stripe is from Miss Matatabi. I didn't have enough to make the full hoodie for Pais, so I upcycled a sweater to do the sleeves, lining and arm and waist bands. 

I love the button placket and the button over and the pockets and the elbow patches....
Jonie just needs to make this hoodie in my size.

- And what about your child?
Paisley has been very excited to do more with school and have the same type of workbooks as her siblings. She is much more my homebody and struggled a bit with going to preschool for a couple of hours, a couple days a week last year. She LOVED going, but it tired her out and she missed me a lot. She's been loving being home and having her siblings around to play. Although, not Jude. LOL 

The jeans are, what else, Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads. 
I don't have to worry about this girl putting bugs in her pockets, so she got all 5.

The denim is stretch denim from Joanns. I love the weight on these ones. I did my best to add all the bells and whistles to make them look as close to store bought as I could. I still need to master fading denim like Kelly of Handmade Boy, but I know this is far from my last pair of SFSJ, so I have plenty of time!

- What kind of school does your child attend? (public, charter, private, homeschool)
We just started homeschool this last January. I had always wanted to homeschool and thankfully I got the push I needed to start. My kids have a routine with their workbooks, and I love not having to worry about flu season or if I want to be spontaneous and just take off with them on an adventure.

- Question to your kindergartner: What has been the best and worst part so far?
Her favorite part is getting a quarter to put in the candy machine every time they finish their work. LOL
The worst part....Jude. They have quite the sibling rivalry going on. haha

Thank you Mie for having me along! 
You can check out all the other blog posts here!


  1. KARLYYYYYYY!!! SO GOOD!! (Sorry, I'm shouting but I'm very excited :-)) I absolutely love it all and your sewing is always so beautiful...and so is your daughter!! And I can't believe how many details the clothes have. You are a machine! :-)
    Thank you so much for playing along again this year!

  2. So very pretty! The dress fits your daughter so well!

  3. So cute all of it! Love the lace detail on the dress <3 And I want so bad to try the Small Fry but I'm so scared of denim! Yours look amazing!

  4. The dress is beautiful, but OH MY GOODNESS - the Radical Raglan Hoodie!!!! LOVE <3 <3 <3 I want an adult size, too!

  5. She is getting SOOO big Karly!!! I love these outfits 😄

  6. Another amazing job done. 💛💛

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