M is for Moto Joggers Blog Tour

I know it's early to even be thinking about New Years, but next year I really plan to make more for myself and I'm so glad that Hatchling Patterns asked me to participate in their new M is for Moto Joggers pants tour to give me a head start on that goal!
The pattern comes in sizes XXS - XL (US sizes 0-10) and comes with many options including pockets, moto detailing and 4 different options for length: Full, Capri, Midi and  Mini.

The tutorial is very well written with some tips with sewing with knits and a guide on how to shorten or lengthen the pattern. The pattern is geared to fit women between 165cm and 170cm height. I ended up adding 8" total to the full length pattern (I'm 183cm tall). Two inches from my waist to knee and another six inches from my knee to my ankle. It was a very easy thing to adjust.

I chose to make the Midi because I love this length and my last favorite pair of comfy shorts has had a hole in the bum for quite some time. It was time for a new stylish pair.
One reason I haven't dived into sewing for myself is that I know I have to really adjust things for my height. Especially when it comes to pants since I have really long legs. I don't know why I've held myself back from it, although that's probably because my children are on this "non-stop growing" kick and every time I turn around they've outgrown absolutely everything I just made for them....children and their "obsession" with growing up. LOL

I did take some fabric out of the front for a more fitted look and I lowered the rise. You would think with my height I would have been lengthening my rise, but no. My height is all in my legs. 
I've been hoarding the rest of this Coral French Terry  for myself and they are incredibly comfy shorts. They're the perfect length and match my Studio Ghibli hoodie so well! 
You can join Hatchling Patterns Facebook group to hear more about upcoming patterns and you should check out her blog. She has a really fun post about Fabric Painting that I am dying to try!
The Moto Joggers are on sale for AUD 9.00 which translates to $6.67 for the duration of the tour.

Check out Sew Not Perfect today too to see her pair too! I can't wait to see what options she chose to make!


  1. Cute shorts, they look really comfy - I love the coral :)

  2. I made the full length and capri and am so glad to see the shorts length! Great fabric and love the color!

  3. This is a great color, Karly and looks like a nice fit.

  4. super cute! I like how you sewed down the pockets.. I actually took mine out because they wouldn't lay nicely.

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