Six Degrees of Separation: Sew The Show

Today I'm joining in the 6 Degrees of Separation, a loop of shows or movies connected by a common actor, director or significant other. The series is starting with and making it's way back to Kevin Bacon. There is a sew along so if you're inspired to join up you can share by tagging #sewtheshow and #sixdregrees. #baconsewsexy will also work!

Any guesses to the movie I chose? If not, maybe this pic will help?

My movie is Notting Hill. You think this movie is a love story between Hugh Grants character, Will, and Julia Roberts movie star character, Anna, but this is actually Spikes love story. Anyone who's seen this movie should realize that he's the star. The lovable and wacky flat mate who is horribly disgusting and just down right strange.

And lets talk about his wardrobe. My goodness there was so much potential there! I finally went with his iconic grey undies, which Jude looks fabulous in.
Definitely something news worthy!
So if you haven't seen this movie, go find it and get some popcorn and snacks and watch Spike's Love story!

Check out the Wholesome Mama on the next stop!

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  1. You're my idol. I want to be you. Seriously. This has me laughing to tears this morning!!

  2. Lol. Awesome post and awesome undies!

  3. Hands down the funniest post you've ever written. And you've had some major contenders!! Awesome!!

  4. OMG Spike, I love him! Fabulous post (and fab undies)!

  5. Hahah I love you! This is the best and well, the kid is pretty darn adorable!

  6. Awesome post! The last pic has me laughing so hard.

  7. Hahahah, Karly! You're the best. This is so hilarious. And you're right. Spike really is the one who rules that movie! Brilliant!

  8. Moral of the blog post: Make Undies, win life. You're so fantastic and brilliant!

  9. Oh this is just the best! I love those little undies!

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