Rudes, A legend?

I'm knocking off my "Summer sew list" along with joining in with the Love of Legends blog tour, hosted by Phat Quarters & Crafting Con.

I'm not part of the tour, but it's always fun to sew along! Especially when it helps you get your sewing goals finished! I made Jude the Titchy Threads Twisted Tank (regular version). These are number 4 & 5 of the 7 he's getting for the summer. I know, I'm being terribly boring and making him a bunch of the exact same pattern. What can I say? Basics rock!

The fabric is Kapynen Rudes that I bought from Emrose Fabrics. I made one in the blue colorway and another in the grey. I know these Rudes creatures aren't exactly a bonified "legend", but they do look like they could fit into many legends. Woodland sprites, boogie man and hairy monster, Gaint and hairball.....
I seriously adore them. And lets face it, the weirdness of it totally fits my kids. 

There's an awesome giveaway going on over at Crafting Con, so enter the giveaway, then sew up one of your favorite legends (or wing it. LOL) and link up!

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