I'm Now the Parent of A Teenager

Seriously, how on earth does time move SOOO fast??? I can't believe this child is a teenager. And not just that. He's 5'9" has the whole "man hair" on his legs going on and random long hairs keep popping up all over his chin. I'm not ready to be the parent of a teenager! (End of parental tantrum).

I adore this kid and I'm so glad he's my son. He wont admit it, but he finally REALLY started to love reading. He was my kid that by the time he could move he would wiggle over and throw/slam/hide/put away/sit/destroy any and all books. He's very sensitive and kind and loving and a stickler for rules. Well, except when it comes to racing cars. He seems to be okay with some of THOSE rules to be broken. He doesn't HAVE to get his license at 16 right??? LOL

I really can't believe that his chapter on childhood has ended and he's started a new one. Titled: Size 11 Shoes.
I know most boys are taller than their mums by this age, but I'm tall and it's crazy thinking he'll probably be taller than me before the year is out. 

Here's to 13 wonderful year being this kids mum and on to new adventures!

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