Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry Pre-tour

Today's the last day of our Pre-tour and on Monday the real tour begins! 
Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry is a blog tour where we urge you to make clothes instead of wash them. Making them is far more exciting and well, that pile isn't going anywhere. We'll have a link up, so you can sew along and there are some awesome prize packages. This week CassyJeanine, and I have been highlighting each of the sponsors to show off some fun outfits you can make instead of braving that laundry room. The tour officially kicks off on the 6th with a pretty incredible line-up of bloggers, so come link up and enjoy a week of making laundry!

I'm highlighting Blaverry's Ollie & Nina patterns today. I really love all of her patterns and we're working our way into making them all. One of the biggest things I love is the sizing. They go from 2-16 years. The other is the styles. Every pattern of her's is so perfect for tween girls! And we are sadly needing those two things right now. Will these kids ever stop growing??

Of course I had to use the last of my Katarina Rocella's Paparounes in knit for the top. It's a gorgeous line and I'm rather sad I didn't get a few bolts of this print. The skirt is in a solid pink to match. Aevs has been BEGGING me for a skirt, so I have a very happy little girl. Even the cast kind of works with it! And yes, silly girl broke her arm rollerblading last week. She got a fiberglass cast so she can still go swimming and play in the splash pads. I feel massively jipped. I broke my arm 3 times as a kid and I didn't get a water proof cast. LOL

Since we're sooo close to the tour, how about we share which bloggers are on board??

Is that an awesome and talented line-up or what???
You still have to wait until Monday to hear about the prize packages, but they're pretty cool! There's also a link up with it's own prize package so start making plans for your Making Laundry instead of Doing Laundry day!

Make sure to check out Cassy and Jeanine's posts too!
See ya Monday!


  1. I love the collar on that shirt! I'm always nervous about corners on knit projects. I can never get them nice and crisp. Yours look awesome!

  2. I'm in love with that shirt! So stylish!

  3. I'm in love with that shirt! So stylish!

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