Sugar Ink - All You Can Beat

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were some of the most coveted toys of ours growing up. There were 4 kids in my family until I was 12 and we all migrated towards one turtle or the other. Me being the oldest and bossiest was Raphael. My brothers were Leonardo and Donatello, and my little sis, Brit, was Michaelangelo, the silly goof of the group. 

This All You Can Beat fabric from Sugar Ink brings back so many memories and really is the coolest print ever! Since I have plenty of summer clothes for Jude, I thought I'd get a head start on fall. The shirt is Titchy Threads Rowan shirt (I can't get enough of that one!) using the All You Can Beat Panel.

The pants are Brindille & Twigs Super Slim Harem pants in the All You Can Beat Buffet print. I really need to hack some pockets into the next pair I make. He LOVES pockets. 

The colors in this print are so rich and the artwork is just adorable! The girls were just as excited as Jude was when they saw the fabric and begged for something. So when I realized I had enough left over to make a dress, I couldn't resist it!

I hacked a tank top into a dress using the All You Can Beat Buffet print for Paisley. She was stoked to be the one to get a dress.
The fabric is on pre-order at Sugar Ink until July 15th, so be like a ninja and go snag some before it's gone!

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