Freshly Picked Moccs

For the last two years our most loved shoes have been Freshly Picked Mocc's. We haven't even bought our 4 year old any other type of shoes because he will only wear his "mocc's".

These are his Salt Flats that we bought for him last year. As you can tell, they have gotten lots of love and been through quite a few adventures and still have TONS of life left in them!

One of the reasons we love these moccs are that Jude can easily slip them on and off himself. Since they are the exact same on both sides, there's not a specific "right" or "left", although somehow he gets each one on the same foot enough to get that adorable foot print at the bottom!

His feet are also a bit wide and the moccs are completely forgiving of that! Not to mention the life of the moccs. He's had them all year long and they still have enough room for him to use them for a while longer. We bought Zoe a size 10 and she's been able to wear them for 2 years and just BARELY grew out of them!

He's worn them every where. Park trips, up in the city, to all of his "modelling" jobs. These shoes make him feel comfortable and he's not wanted any other shoes.

Mr. Bones has just come out just in time for Halloween and we are so excited about them! Look how adorable they are on!

It's the perfect shoe for him to start new adventures like Pre-K with!
What adventures have you had with your Freshly Picked Moccs?

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  1. We love our freshly picked. I never thought about switching the feet, so my son always wears them out at the big toe. My son's feet are so wide we can't find shoes that fit his feet, so these have been awesome. We love these!


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