Totoro Costume

I am so excited about Costume week! I almost always take the "bounding" route when making my kids costumes. Not because I have a thing against costumes. I think they're amazing. It's just so much work for something that will more than likely only worn once and if I can make items that will be worn more than that, I'd rather go that way.

It's not a secret that we are huge Studio Ghibli fans. We don't have every movie, but we have a pretty good collection and 90% of the time when we go on car trips, my kids always choose one to play. Paisley & Zoe both love Kiki's Delivery Service and Aevaries favorite is Castle In the Sky.
Judes favorite? My Neighbor Totoro.
He's been Totoro for Halloween almost every year and I think this outfit is his favorite by far.

To make this costume I started with Brindille & Twigs Harem Coverall then added the hood from their Hoodie pattern. The neckline is still accommodating enough for Jude to easily slip it on and off, which he has loved.
The "Totoro" appliques I made and I've been meaning to get the tutorial up but life....
I have a blue one all cut out to make, so hopefully soon!

Man I just love my little Totoro.

You can see Aevarie's and Paisley's costumes here. Zoe is wanting to be Kiki yet again. LOL And Gavin? I have no idea what we're making for that kid yet!


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