Patternless Sewing MODstyle: A Book Review

I love books. When I was a kid, my favorite princess (besides Ariel) was Belle. I'm insanely jealous of her library and it is always something I will dream of having. So, I was very thrilled to add Patty Young's Patternless Sewing Mod Style to my little handful of sewing books!

The book has directions for 24 Garments you can make just by following some easy steps. It walks you through taking your or someone else's measurements and gives a rundown on all the ones you need to make that specific garment. It also gives a rundown of different types of fabrics, tools to use for Pattern drafting, and a quick guide to shirring. 

Although this book is geared towards women and girls, I could not resist making the Harem Pants (page 59) for my little harem loving guy. He lives in Harem pants.

Using the fabric type suggested in the book (lighter knits with at least a stretch of 25%) I chose to use Raspberry Creek Fabrics Club line: Blue, Grey & Green Geometric Diamond Aztec knit. It's super soft and has some great stretch. I followed the instructions in the book based off Jude's measurements and the formulas Patty provides, and in no time, we had a great little pair of harem pants for this kiddo to rock!

I'm excited to try out some other patterns for the girls and with no patterns, I think it will be great for my girls to make their own clothing too! 

Of course we had to make a shirt to match the pants. LOL  

You can pick up your copy of Patternless Sewing here!
Happy Sewing!

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