Twig + Tale Rebrand Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be part of Twig & Tale's Rebranding Blog Tour today! I'm determined to #sewallthecoats this year and the Wild Things Coat is so stinking cute! How could you say no to those little ears???

I'm seriously in love with this coat. It comes with so many options: fox, unicorn, bear, dino, bunny, cat, mouse, panda, giraffe, zebra, horse, donkey, ladybird (ladybug for us in the US), and a dog.
There's also the Dragon add-on that's free to Newsletter subscribers which is really awesome.
Jude wanted a "bunny" coat, and I was very happy to oblige!

Now, I did slightly err from the instructions. I know, me erring from instructions?! The only change I made was to add the 4 buttons down the placket, rather than putting them on the side and at the top.
There was one other slight change I did, but I'll leave you to wonder about it for a minute. ;)

Art Gallery graciously sponsored this tour and I chose Clouded Horizon denim, a cross-hatch textured denim for the outer and then Bonnie Christine's Hello Bear, "Oh, Hello Meadow"  for the lining. It was serendipitous that I also had a yard of Adventure Springs knit in my stash that I made Jude a shirt to go with in. I feel awful for saying this, but I didn't even realize it was part of the same line until I went to look up the fabrics! His jeans are also Art Gallery Denim. Is it obvious I have an Art Gallery addiction??

So now onto my other slight change! I added a layer of batting and quilted the lining. We're making this coat super warm and cozy. Beyond those two slight changes, I followed the directions to a T and I just love this little coat. I couldn't resist adding a label into it. I'll be honest that I haven't added labels to much. I really should add them to everything I make though.

I love the fit of the coat. It's absolutely perfect for Jude and I'm quite certain he'll be a cozy bunny all winter long.

Make sure to check out the other stops on this tour. They're all so whimsical and magical! 

I really do just love this little coat!

What would a Blog Tour be without a giveaway!
Art Gallery Fabrics is kindly sponsoring 2 yards of Art Gallery fabric of your choice. To make the prize extra sweet, we are also adding a collection of 5 Twig + Tale patterns of your choice.
International entries are very welcome. Our bloggers come from every corner of the world to celebrate the global nature of Twig +Tale too.
Enter using the rafflecopter below.
(The winning entry will be checked to ensure all criteria are met).


  1. This coat is Awesome! That outer fabric is just gorgeous! And I love that you quilted the lining...and your sewing is flawless...it's all just amazing!

  2. This coat is the cutest !! My DD totally needs one for winter. I'm thinking Dino. Love you fabric choice, it's lovely.

    1. Maggie B.
      Not sure why it comes up unknown after signing in to my email :-(

  3. I just love that he choose to be a bunny, he really is the coolest bunny I have ever seen. Thanks for participating :)

  4. Such a cool coat! Loving the quilting - it looks so cosy :) and the Art Gallery Hello Bear lining is just so perfect with it! Thanks for joining us xox

  5. You mention your Art Gallery Fabrics addiction like it's a bad thing! Love this little bunny coat...the quilted lining is perfect!

  6. I love the coat! What a cute little bunny he is :)

  7. How adorable! Now, I want to make Kiwi ALL the animals. As I follow the tour I'm just adding patterns to my list. SMH.

  8. Love the quilted lining and fabrics!

  9. My daughter took one look at this coat and said, "Ooooooh! Can you make me one just like that, please??" Needless to say, I love it too. So cute.

  10. Love this coat!! I clicked on the link to the pattern, but I can't find the view with the buttons down the centre the way that yours is. I only see the toggles and they're offset to one side. Is this a modification to the pattern that you made yourself?

    1. Sorry for the late response! I didn't modify the pattern exactly, I just ironed interfacing onto the wrong side of the front plackets and then sewed the button holes once the coat was all sewn together. Since the plackets crossed already, I figured it would work (and it did) and with our winters, we need the full closure! :D


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