Blithe Tour

I'm ecstatic to be on Katarina Roccella's Blithe blog tour! I've always been very drawn to all of her designs. There's just something magical about them. Blithe is no different. The soft colors and sweet designs in this line are perfect. 

I made the Roma dress in Evergreens Frozen and then paired it with a Goodall Cardigan in Philosophers Thoughts. I'm absolutely in love with this set!

The Roma dress has been on my wishlist for quite a while and I finally was able to get it. The details of the bodice is what drew me in. It's so dainty and girly and compliments this fabric so well!
For the back, I went with buttons all the way down.  Have I mentioned how much I love this print?

The Philosophers Thoughts knit is so incredibly soft and cozy. I really need this cardigan for myself. I'm kind of a sucker for news print as well!

You can check out everyone on this tour!


  1. Karly this is soooooo good as usual! Love what you did with this fabric, and that we both chose the same print!

  2. I am loving that cardigan, aren't text prints so fun, would definitely want one in my size!

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