Fiesta Fun Blog Tour

It's no secret that I'm quite smitten with Art Gallery Fabrics. They have adorable prints and you pair it with the quality of their fabrics, it gets me every time!
When I saw that Dana had a new line coming out, I couldn't say no to organizing a blog tour!

Fiesta Fun is exactly what you get with this line! It's so vibrant and festive and I can't help but want to party whenever I look at it.

For Aevarie's look I made the Loli Dress out of Mexican Dress Morning paired with Royal Cobalt.
My girls have been wanting to wear all the summer clothes. We got a couple of realllyyy nice days, and now they feel that winter should be over. I don't blame them. The fact that it's supposed to snow tomorrow does not please me at all, so I shall be sitting in my room looking at these outfits and dreaming of summer!

For Zoe's look, I made her the Hoppe Jumpsuit out of Citrus Sunrise in knit.
This knit is amazing to sew with and so incredibly soft! We added some fringe, because fringe always comes to the party! Zoe was definitely partying the whole time while wearing these oranges. I could barely get her to stay in one place while getting pictures. She kept swaying and jumping and just being extremely giggly.

I also added pockets to her jumpsuit. Come summer, this is something I will be sorely regretting since she's already been bringing worms into the house to show me.

How fun are these oranges???

Do you have a favorite print in this line? Which one would you get and what would you make from it?

Make sure you check out Sweeter Thank Cupcakes today as well! Her two outfits are absolutely darling!

A huge Thank you to Art Gallery Fabrics, for sponsoring this tour!


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  2. They are both so adorable wearing that clothing that you have made! The designs are so colorful and it also looks very comfortable to wear. I'm going be honest with you though, it's a nice piece of clothing but I think it's somehow feminine and I guess it will be better if you have customized a design more manly for the young boys to wear. Anyway you are truly artistic and these designs are a clear proof that you have some craft in clothing. help resume writing

    1. hahaha both of them are girls! The one with short hair just was struggling with how curly her hair was and brushing was causing so much stress, she begged for it to be cut. Don't worry, although my sons do wear all colors of the rainbow, it's definitely still boy clothing. <3


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