Growing Up Handmade

My children have grown up to me sewing pretty much every single day, so I just had to join in with the Growing up Handmade tour!
Although Jude is my only one that has literally grown up wearing handmade, I chose to spotlight Aevarie on this tour.


I have made a few clothing items for Gavin, but my clothing adventures didn't really start until this little blonde creature joined the family. She's been my partner in crime with sewing and loves to throw out her idea's and choose fabrics and patterns or draw me up a design that she wants. She's also very willing to model everything I make.

Years 2011-2016

I have sewn Aevaries entire life and she has snuggled up in blankets made especially for her as well as been able to have a very active roll in what clothing is made for her. She talks about what she plans to sew for herself and I know it will always be a big part of all of my children's lives.

For this blog post, we decided to make a skirt and shirt from the "Here Come's the Fun" line by Caroline Hulse by Art Gallery Fabrics.
Aevarie is such a happy girl, she needed the fabric to match that!

The shirt is Hey June Handmades, City Park Tee. We had a little fun and used a bit of the selvedge to give her a name tag. I just love this girl to pieces!

The skirt is one I drafted in her size based off my favorite Japanese pattern book skirt. Me and my girls absolutely love this style and there are quite a few in their wardrobes.

Of course, growing up handmade, the photography has gone hand in hand with it and this chicka has made up her own poses that are a "must" for every shoot.

I can't wait to read all the other "Growing up Handmade" stories! Make sure to follow the links to check them out as well, then enter the rafflecopter!

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    1. :( That is so sad! My oldest son has gotten super picky and paired with his massive growth rate, I haven't made him anything for over a year, but I'm hoping to make him a few things this year! I pray my others always want me to make their clothes!

  2. I've loved watching what you sew for your kids. And they're so happy to wear it!

  3. Gorgeous skirt! I also love that style, not only for my daughter but even for me! And the fabric is really so much fun! :) Lisa

  4. I don't have kids to sew for, but I love sewing for my little sisters! They usually like everything I make, but I've found it helps when I let them pick the fabric. My littlest sister is in a pink phase right now, so if it had pink, she will be happy. My other sister is 14, and I'm learning that teen patterns are hard to find!

  5. Right now my dd has taken to not wanting anything but the plainest of clothing. :( Luckily my oldest has been allowing me to sneak in some handmade again.

  6. Biggest challenge is using self control and not buying every gorgeous piece of fabric i see.

  7. I particularly love the handmade label using the selvedge edge - what a great touch:)

  8. What a lovely skirt! The combo is so lighthearted and fun. I enjoyed your recap, too.


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