Genius Vivienne

Ever since the Vivienne by Made For Mermaids came out, I have been dying to make it! The color-blocking is so fun and it's such a sweet design! It's also perfect for using panels for!

The Ditzy Floral and Solid Teal are both from Art Gallery Fabrics. I adore their fabrics and loved how well it compliments the panel. I omitted giving Zoe pockets. We gave it a trial run and that girl tries to smuggle in all the bugs. If you've never had to clean out pockets of bugs before....yes. It's just as bad as it sounds. You don't want to do it.
This was my second project using my Janome Coverpro 2000 to do binded hems. To say it's revolutionized the way I do neck and arm bands would be an understatement. I think this will be the way I do them 90% of the time from now on!

 One of the things I love about this panel and the Be The Good one, is the message it's giving. I know there are tons of shirts out there with sayings that either really mean gibberish, or mean something I don't really want my girls to be wearing. Be The Good in the world is something I WANT my children to take to heart though. And the same goes for Genius.
Zoe has had a really rough time with school. She started preschool at 3 for Speech. She's dyslexic and was bullied really badly in Kindergarten to the point that she was bawling, hiding shoes, coats, etc. or just right out stripping. ANYTHING to not go to school. Because she's had such trouble picking up talking, then reading, her confidence in being smart has not been the best. Really though, this girl is a genius. She is so curious and always wanting to learn. She loves watching documentaries and is constantly analyzing bugs and plants and has billions of experiments going on all the time. It kind of drives me crazy sometimes (hence the no pockets thing. There's only so much I can take!).
There's no way this kiddo isn't a Genius and I loved how her eye's lit up when she saw this dress.
This panel was just perfect for her.

Preorders end June 15th, 2017. So make sure you get your orders in!

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  1. Such a great dress and post. I love shirts with encouraging words.


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