Back to School

*The patterns for this post was sponsored by Jilly Atlanta, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Growing up I always loved the beginning of school. Mostly because I got new clothes and shoes along with new notebooks and pencils. Maybe I'm weird, but I still love brand new notebooks. They're so full of possibility! And lets face it, I am weird. I wear that badge proudly.
Back to school is a little different with my kids. Instead of heading to the mall (or second hand shop like I did as a kid), we go through fabrics and patterns online. My kids are becoming pretty well versed with what the different types of fabrics are called along with different styles. I love hearing what they want and actually being able to deliver it!

I'm still slightly in disbelief that all of my children are "school aged". The baby/toddler years went SOOOO fast. That being said, my oldest is being homeschooled and my other 4 are in a charter school. Charter school means uniforms and only specific colors, which means Back to school sewing is not NEARLY as much fun as I wish it would be. I really do love the look of uniforms though!
So today's outfit is for "Back to AFTER school".

The Penny Blouse and Macy Pinafore were sponsored by Jilly Atlanta. Although I've bought her Marlow Dress I've yet to make it, so these were my first patterns of hers that I've tried.
The Pinafore was made of Sarah Janes Painted Gingham from her Sommer line. I ADORE this print. Crazily, I didn't hack this pattern at all! It was the exact look I wanted as is and was soooo easy to put together. The only sad part is that Aevs is in the size 12.
How did that happen you guys????

The blouse is made in Art Gallery Honey Cotton. I ended up lining it instead of using the facings and if I would not have had a brain fart and done the ties correctly, it would have been reversible. Trust me, future reversible Penny Blouses are in our future! It came together so easily and the fit is spot on.

I topped the look off with this adorable Sailor Bow that is a free download over at Made By Melli. I was stoked to use my Cricut Maker to cut it all out! Saves me soooo much time!

Thank you so much Jilly Atlanta for the wonderful patterns!
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  1. oh my goodness!!! I ADORE the plaid with that mustard colour!!! so perfect!

  2. She looks stunning in her new outfit!

  3. firstly, in the laughing picture at the end, she looks JUST like you!!! secondly, that is such a gorgeous outfit, and it's too bad she can't wear it to school, so, i hope she wears it all the other hours of every day! love it!


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