Batman Dress Save with Cricut Iron On

My kids are pretty well rounded, with dress ups and mud pits, dolls and action figures. Zoe LOVES Batman, but she also still loves poofy dresses too. I think the Lego Batman movie may have had something to do with the Batman obsession....
She does the "batman" voice ALL.THE.TIME (thank you Christain Bale for that!) Seriously though. It is the funniest thing hearing her talk as Batman.

School is right around the corner and we've been turning our focus onto school clothes, and what was top of Zoe's list??

You guessed it.


If it hasn't been noticeable, I have been loving my Cricut Maker. My kids absolutely love my Cricut Maker. They love designing stuff and all of them know their way around Cricut Design Space and how to use the Maker.
Zoe chose how she wanted her Batman shirt and I helped with placing the "na na's" and within half an hour from start to finish, we had a brand new Batman dress for her! 

The Cricut Easy Press also is super kid friendly, and although I will still strongly urge parents to supervise their kids, my kids definitely know how to use the press too!
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User tip: When you press Iron On Vinyl you want to see the grainlines of the shirt through your vinyl like on this logo. So if you don't, give it another 30 second press.

The dress is from Walmart. I'm still working on getting boxes unpacked and my sewing room up and running and I cannot wait for it! So we improvised.

This creature is definitely excited about her Batman dress!

So now don't forget to enter the Rafflcopter giveaway to win an Easy Press!


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