Run Amok

I'm not sure why, but it took me FOREVER to start watching The Office. Once I started, I completely understood the hype and love. So now that I'm in love with it, and maybe spent a whole week binge watching all the seasons (awesome one to watch while sewing!) that when Run Amok announced their Office and Recreation round, I jumped on it!

I used the fat half (30" by 36") "That's What She Said" panel for my sleeves. The graphic has been resized to be smaller for the main panel now, but you can still get the larger font for sleeves or leggings in the "accent panel"
The fabric is 95% cotton/5% lycra 230gsm and is 60" wide.
My kids thought "Worlds Best Boss" was hilarious for me.

I used Hey June's Hallifax Hoodie in size Large. Since Fall is happening pretty much everywhere else, I figured I better get to making some winter shirts!

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