Riley Blake Designs Fruitful Pleasures Quilt using Cricut Maker

I have been so excited to share this quilt! Besides the Froggy Pixel mini quilt, it is the first quilt I have completely finished in the last 8ish years, quilting and binding all!
The fabric is Fruitful Pleasures from Riley Blake Designs and is just absolutely stunning.

The pattern is the Big Star Throw by Riley Blake Designs that you can find in Cricut Design Space.
I definitely used the Cricut Maker to cut out all my pieces!

The pattern makes up 12 squares. I still need to work on my corners aligning, but the finished quilt top still managed to turn out squared, which I was pretty excited about!
I absolutely love every inch of this quilt!

It's hard to choose a favorite square, but I'm pretty sure the blue medallions with the green around the center is my favorite!

The backing is Kisses on White Navy, which is part of Riley Blake basics and went so well with this quilt!

I added the strips of the main prints to the back to add some character. I think I may have enough strips left to make a little matching pillow case to go along.
I did a basic quilting of squares and stitched in the ditch all down each line of the quilt.

The quilt is the perfect size to snuggle up with on the couch (although I'm still wishing I made it queen sized for my bed!) My kids keep fighting over it. Well, not Gavin, but I think 15 year old boys are at that stage that they can't admit how gorgeous floral quilts are! Whatever. Deep down I know he too is fighting for the rights to be the sole owner of this quilt!

This was the first quilt I've ever made using a quilting basting spray. It was definitely a learning curve but really helped when I was quilting it on my regular sewing machine.
Crazy that even though I have a sewing machine, serger, and coverstitch machine, I still need a quilting AND an embroidery machine!

If you have any quilting tips, don't hesitate to send them my way! I did sew a lot of quilts when Gavin was little, but I was in a total "wonky" quilt phase, so I never cared to really delve into all the rules of quilting. Now that my kids have all grown out of their baby quilts I've wanted to make them some amazing quilts that they can take with them when they start leaving home. 
That was hard to write. It's really hard to think of my kids leaving home, but I know with our oldest being 15, that's not many years left before it's a reality!
So here's to many more quilts in my future! 
Will you be making a quilt out of the Fruitful Pleasures line? If so, which pattern??


  1. I love your gorgeous quilt! My granddaughter picked this same fabric line for the quilt I'm making her, but I just wasn't finding the right pattern for the fabric! Then I saw yours! I love how it showcases all the beautiful prints! You did a fabulous job on it, and I would be fighting over it too!

  2. Hi - I love this patter and I have that fabric! What size are the blocks? Thank you!!


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