Art Gallery Fabric Striped Tour - Day 7 Round up

Today's the final day of the Art Gallery Fabrics Striped Tour! I hope you've really enjoyed seeing all of the amazing striped creations!

Before you leave, I have my creations to share and there's also going to be a giveaway later today on Instagram!

My favorite item of clothing is hoodies, so it was kismet that I combined these two together!
For starters, a bit about this fabric.
Each one is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex and ALL are Yarn Dyed, meaning that both sides look amazing and vibrant!
They also come in 58"-60" width on the bolt, which I absolutely love!
They come in 13 colors:
And 5 different striped patterns:
Striped Noir
Striped Alike
Striped Apart
Striped Sleek
Striped Bold

That's so many options!! Oh, be still my beating heart!

For Jude's hoodie, our inspiration was the big bold stripes paired with the sleek small ones!
To get this look I used:

The pattern is the Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads, but I upsized it to a size 8 to give him more of an oversized look.
I just love how the bold and sleek stripes look!

For Aevs, I started with Street Styles T-shirt Dress as a base, but really hacked it. I made the sides straight and made it into a top. Then I cut the front bodice into two pieces, and added a cross over hood, then lengthened the sleeves. 

Have I mentioned this girl has NOT taken this hoodie off since I made it for her??
Okay, I have been able to peel it off to wash it a couple times, but as soon as that thing is out of the dryer, it's been back on her immediately.
I love that she still is loving me-made stuff at this age!

Although it's winter, since we moved to the desert it's really not been that cold at all, so my kids are LIVING in hoodies!

Here's some more pictures of the fun photoshoot 3 of us had for this tour!
I just love being able to meet up with other seamstress' for fun photoshoots. And it's obvious our kids have fun too!


A HUGE thank you to Art Gallery for sponsoring this tour!
You can check out this whole weeks line of looks here:

art gallery stripes tour by replicate then deviateImage may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoorOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow to Match Stripes // heatherhandmade.com

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