Heidi & Finn Summer Maxi Dress

I was selected to pattern test Heidi & Finns newest pattern, the Summer Maxi Dress
This pattern was really quick to sew up and I love that it's so basic that you can add things easily to change it up and make it unique. 
I made two dresses in one day. Which, with 5 kids on my plate, that should tell you how easy and fast this pattern is! 
The first one I made out of white cotton gauze fabric. I had originally planned to do an ombre dye, so that's why we started off with white. In case I screwed up massively, I chose to take pictures of it first. So here's Aevarie in the all white version:

And yes, the ombre dye did NOT work. It still turned out all purple and wearable, and that's all that matters!

I love the added flowers!
 And again I have to clarify. My girls are really tall, so on an average 7 year old, this dress would go down to the floor.
We made a second one out of knit and modified the length to fit Aevarie. The pattern doesn't recommend knit, but knit is just so comfy and I couldn't resist! So here's that version:

I added a ruffle at the bottom too for that "unique" factor. I love that she could totally wear this to bed. He he he. :D
Zoe was dying to try on the purple one (although Aevarie said she could only borrow it for the day). 

Fit her perfectly! 
The weather has been horrible but the girls really wanted to go out and get pictures. Luckily it wasn't really cold, just super windy. We don't have to mention how many pictures have been taken of this dress......

You can buy the pattern here at Heidi & Finns Etsy Shop. And seriously check out all the other amazing versions of this dress on their blog
Loved this dress (we actually just finished our 3rd one last night!) and Thank you so much to Heidi & Finn for choosing me to be a tester! :D

Update: Here's our 3rd dress. I just love it!


  1. I haven't sewn from Heidi and Finn before, but I like all the patterns I see of theirs. This one is great. I can see getting a lot of wear out of it.

  2. Love your dresses ESP the knit one! Your lgirls are most adorable too!

  3. So cute maxi dresses for little girls, I like so much, thanks for sharing.


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