Silly Pictures and some awesome shots

My kids are nuts. Total nuts. They're silly and weird, and it really shines through when I take pictures. Generally speaking, it takes me TONS of pictures to get a "normal human being" look. So because we had so many today, I wanted to share some of our nutty ones and my little "commentary" to go along. Enjoy!

Ms. Cooperative:

This is a great pose mum!


I can somersault

Can't leave out a headstand

"I am a robot"

I can see up your nose!

Eeh, what happened to your face???

Mid-picture snack

Zombie child indeed

You can't eat my brains cause I ate them earlier!

I can't eat Aevarie, I shall eat my dress instead....

Since we have no brains, our heads make an awesome hollow sound!

No more pictures, please!

I swear I don't know where they get it from. 

Riding on an invisible motorcycle

Old Cronie

Blur girl!

Ugh. These pictures are giving me a headache.

And here's my "reward" shots:

More on the dress later! :D

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