Sunshine Dress

Rather ironic that I made the "Sunshine Dress" last night by Shwin Designs, only to wake up to lots and lots of gray clouds and rain. 
I've been so excited to make this dress. I bought the pattern in the full Sun and Surf collection, which sadly is no longer available as a whole, but you can buy them individually at Pattern Anthology. If you didn't get these patterns, you should. I have already made the Beachy Boatneck, which Gavin loves and has asked me to make more. And I have the Coastal Cargos cut out in 2 sizes as well as the Submarine Pullover almost finished. The designers are already working on their fall line and I can't wait to see it! lol
So on to the dress! I loved the original colors and design of the original dress and Aevarie did too, so we just followed suit. The only difference is the size of the stripes. I found this hypnotic small stripe fabric that I thought would be awesome. Little did I know that looking at it for that long would make me super dizzy and eventually end in a headache.....I just can't help keep looking at it though! 

This dress also sports pockets:

We obviously had to make a bow to match.

And here's a close up of the back buttons. And yes, I used teal thread. Why? I could say cause I thought the splash of color would be cool, but really it's because I couldn't be bothered to re-thread the needle. ;P I honestly do love that color in combo with these, and I may just have to make the Santa Monica Cinch in teal to go with it. :D

And it just wouldn't be complete without a silly picture.

We can also take out that bottom drawstring for a big twirly skirt. I'm sure this summer it will be worn both ways many many times. :D 

I hope your day is much more sunshiney-y than ours! 

Side note: I was not paid in any way to express my love for these patterns. :D


  1. This is really fun and I have never seen anything like it before. Great job Momma!
    with love,

  2. The fabric colors are really perfect. I do love the smaller stripes. And the pop of teal at buttons is a stroke of "lazy" genious! :)

  3. Great color combination! And I love that hair piece! Well done!

  4. LOVE this dress! And your model cracks me up!

  5. Love this dress! The bubble hem is just too adorable for words, you've inspired me!


  6. Cute dress! I love the matching bow too. The pearls add a nice touch!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  7. Gorgeous! Featuring this on the Pattern Anthology Facebook page later today.


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