Bathroom Make-over Part 1 - Painting

Amy from Nap Time Crafters is hosting The Sew Off, which I've been really excited about. This sew off hits kids, home decor and ME.

The theme for week 2 is Home Decor. Now, we have been in our house for 2 years (on the 18th) and I really don't have much decorated. I thought this challenge would be a good push to get a room done. I immediately thought of the kids bathroom. The kids wont use it and have been using ours instead. It is driving me insane! So I am hoping (fingers triple crossed!) that by finishing it and making it more "warm" the kids will somehow decide they would rather use it and it's teeny bathtub, rather than ours and our lovely big one.

Too, because I am doing a total make-over, I'm going to turn it into a couple of posts rather than one giant massive-get-bored-of-me post.

Sadly I don't have a picture of what it looked like before we started trying to fix it. I had originally painted it light blue and half way up the wall, painted it brown. I seriously did have a cool awesome idea planned, although I can't for the life of me recall what that awesome idea was. It had to be awesome though, cause I just don't do anything other than that. lol

So here is our beginning process: Painting

Prime over ugly brown.

Employ children as slaves and repaint it light blue and wait for it to dry. 

Chalk lines, (again employing children):


We washed the chalk off the stripes to be painted. 

Put paint on sponge (just enough to get it wet, you should still be able to see the "spongyness")

Sponge until you get desired look

Take picture of yourself taking pictures (very important)

Remove tape

Wait for paint to dry then wash off the rest of the chalk

and viole!

Next is decorating! 

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