Our lives of late

I've been reading back through my recent posts and man! Life has really been crazy lately! With 5 kids, do I really expect it to be any different? Not realistically, but a girl can hope. I really wanted all of these to have their own little posts, but we are about to take on watching a pregnant Chihuahua for the week and I am petrified! I've been going around the house like mad picking up anything we don't want demolished or that she could choke on. Dogs don't usually go into labor early, do they??
 Anyways, here's what we've been up to. 

Number 1 - Kid sewing day, making dolls (this will still get a post, eventually):

Gavin getting his hair cut

And us re-decorating the kids bathroom. It's a total work in progress!

Once decorating has been finished I will do a full post on the transformation, but you get a pretty good sneak peek! 
I think I am now going to look up "what to do when your chihuahua goes into labor" just for good measure. Maybe we'll be making her a "labor gown", cause you know, laboring doggies need those comforts too! 

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  1. The kids did a great job! Mine helped me paint our shed summer before last. :)


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