A glimpse into our week

This week I have been taking a break from sewing. I'm still pattern testing and working on my own pattern plus trying to figure out how to flip EVERY pattern that's going to be in Frances Suzanne's new sewing Series "Flip this pattern". Sure, it's going all year round, but my brain isn't really taking that into consideration. Wait, did I just say I'm taking a break from sewing? I take that back. I'm not neck-deep into sewing this week. Here's what's been going on. 
Over the weekend Gavin got to go on a "Daddy and son" campout and go fishing with some of their best friends. Sadly they didn't catch any fish, well, not any LIVE fish, but I was so excited for them to go and have fun. 

 Gavins bear "Armie" had to go as well. 

Since I wasn't there there isn't loads of pictures, but the guys were nice enough to send me a cell phone pic of Gavin fishing.

Me and the girls had a movie party and those monsters didn't go to sleep until midnight! 

We found out that Jude loves tents. Gavin put a sheet over his little play mat thing and he has been crawling in and out and giggling about it the last few days.

We're so very inventive. lol

It's finally decided to warm up so we've been outside quite a bit. We cleaned off our porch and cleaned off the girls play house and all of our benches and planted some rose bushes.The kids have been having fun in the sprinklers too. Yesterday we were at our friends house playing in the water and all this time in the sun is apparently wiping Paisley out. She didn't even make it half way through dinner and fell asleep with her hotdog in hand. 

The table bench is one of the most comfortable places to sleep, didn't you know? :D

I need to finish painting our book shelves for the kids bathroom and then have Corey put them up. That room is so close to being finished! 
Anyways, that's a glimpse of our life. I'll have more to post in a couple of days. 
Have a great week!

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