Early Birthday Present

My mum called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that she had found my birthday present. My birthday isn't until next month, but when you see a good deal, you jump on it then. How my mother is so insanely gifted with finding awesome deals, I will never know, but I am very grateful for it! Thank goodness that she is also instilled with a sense of impatience too! 
She had found 6 backdrops that were from Kiddie Kandids on Craigslist for sale. Then we started counting and realized that there wasn't just 6, there were 7! I haven't been able to take pictures in front of all of them yet, but I have been loving it and setting up my backdrops as often as I can. 
Here's some of the pictures we've taken. 

And what is a pretty field without it's zombie??

The greatest part? We found pictures of Gavin and Aevarie from 2008 in front of the same backdrop. 

LOVE my new present! You can even ask my neighbors. I'm sure they're getting a kick out of seeing me set it up on my porch! :D
Thank you mother dearest! You KNOW I love love love it! 

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  1. Cute photos! You look like you had a ton of fun! I'm thinking of getting a backdrop, maybe I will check out Craigslist! sherri(at)threadridinghood(dot)com


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