Jude's 1st Birthday

This time last year I was 36 weeks along and had just woken up to my water broken. Needless to say, I was freaking out. I called my mother, who didn't answer the phone. So I called my best friend, Jen. Cause hey, was I sure it was my water? It had never broken before on it's own and I did NOT want to drive 1.5 hours just to show up to the hospital and exclaim to them that I had just peed myself. After about 5 minutes of feeling like I was continuously dribbling pee, we decided it wasn't a bladder issue and started to get everyone ready. Which really meant I was taking a shower and shaving.
 About an hour later we dropped the girls off at Jens and Corey, Gavin, and I headed to the hospital.
My doctor was of course, inconveniently on vacation. They got me all set up and we waited. My contractions were weak and all over the place, so eventually we started pitocin. At around 4:10 the nurse came to check on me and then demanded I keep my legs crossed and DO NOT PUSH! She informed us that she did not get paid enough to deliver a baby and I had to wait for the Dr.
What did I do? I crossed my legs and prayed that dr was going to get there soon!
So at 4:37pm, only minutes after the dr's arrival, Mr Jude entered into this world.

He was 6lbs 4oz and absolutely perfect. Since I was 36 weeks, Jude was considered a preemie, even though I had been asking my dr the whole pregnancy if he was sure I wasn't farther along. The nurses made me laugh by saying, "You've probably never held a baby this small before". Little did they know that Jude was bigger than 3 of my "full term" babies! He didn't seem like a preemie baby at all and was just perfect. 
Here's our first family picture:

The kids all sing "Hey Jude" to him and I love it. 
I can't believe how fast this little kid has grown and how much he has changed. He came into this world with dark hair and blue eyes, and now his hair is blonde and curly and his eyes are more green. So crazy how that happens! 
Here's the timeline in photos: 

It's really hard to believe that a year has gone by already. Jude is silly and sweet and a perfect fit into our family. 

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy! 

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  1. Happy Birthday !! His photo montage is too cute, i just adore those big blues.



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