Failing at Blogging

Well, I have failed miserably with the "Ultimate Blog Challenge". I guess I DO have 2-ish weeks left to try and redeem myself, so we shall see how I do. 
I'm wrapping up some pattern tests and I am so excited about them! I've been dying to post pics and what-not, but I have to be patient and wait until patterns are out.

Beyond that, we have been busy busy busy. Life has really turned tables and it seems like things have just fallen into place. We are finally able to really get our basement finished. It's been framed for the longest time. But the electrician comes next week and after that I know it will come together super fast!

I know this isn't much of a blog post, but in the next week or so when ALL of these patterns are getting released I will have more than an abundant amount of posts going up. Too, I plan to keep you posted on our basement! I can barely contain my excitement for it all!!!

And just so you can glimpse a bit into our world, here is my 2 youngest girls being silly. These girls crack me up! I can't wait to show this picture to them when they are all grown up and REALLY having babies!

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