Heidi & Finn Chevron Dress

If you have ever read my blog, you should know by now that I LOVE Heidi & Finn patterns. I love knit and a lot of her patterns are for knit. I also love the urban vibe they have. Although, my picture is out in the middle of the forest.....lol 
I also find them really easy to follow and very thorough. I just love them. 

I was really pleased to test the Chevron Dress. I'm totally into the chevron craze (the girls bedroom AND bathroom both sport them on one wall) and this dress was perfect! Not TONS of Chevron, but just enough. 

All of my girls begged for one. I made Zoe's first. 

She wanted pink and purple, so that's what we did. Zoe just came up to the screen while I was writing this and said "-intake of breath- THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!" Yeah, I think she is totally in love with it. 

And then of course when Paisley saw it, she just HAD to have one. But she wanted turquoise and purple. 

And yes, shoes on the opposite feet are so IN right now. Well, when have wearing shoes on the opposite feet ever been out? Honestly?? 

We went up to the Mountains to go fishing for the 4th of July and got pictures up there. Not the smartest thing ever to do. The cleanliness of those dresses were pristine condition one moment, to "head to toe dirt" the next. Ah well, they fished in comfort and style.

And a note about taking a trip up into the mountains. Always, ALWAYS look at your gas tank before going. We realized this an hour into driving:

And while you sit and wonder how we got off the mountain, seriously go and grab your copy of the Chevron dress!

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