Pattern Anthology Alphabet Collection

Quite a while ago I got chosen to pattern test for Melly over at Melly Sews. Do you know how hard it is to keep your lips sealed when you have a super cute adorable pattern all finished?? It is torture my friends! 
The pattern is the W pants for Pattern Anthology. I was chosen to test the short version in Jude's size.

I messed up when placing the zipper on these ones, but hey, I still think they turned out adorable. And in case you were curious, it says, "Don't bug me" around the bugs. 

Then, a little while later I got chosen to pattern test the Study Hall Jacket from Go To Patterns.

I LOVE this jacket! Aevarie and Jude are for sure getting ones made. I may just make the other 2 kids one as well, it's so cute! So what if they have a billion clothes already! 

And well, Zoe needed a pair of W pants to go with her stellar jacket, so we went to work on those!

Notice how they are shorts and not pants?? I didn't have enough fabric for the pants. :( 
They still make some adorable shorts though! 

I STILL messed up on the zipper and put it in upside down. lol But seriously, look at how cute they turned out!

I love that the jacket is reversible too! 

And these are just perfect to read books in!

Or state when you are finished with a photo shoot! 

You can grab your copy of all 4 patterns marked down 40% until August 12th at Pattern Anthology! After the 12th, they go on individual sale. 
Or if you want to test your luck, enter to win the collection here. That ends tonight though, so hurry!  


  1. Lucky Duck Testing two great patterns! they look great!!


  2. They all turned out great! Love the zip in the jacket arm, I hadn't seen that before.


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