Oliver & S Popover Dress Flip

Season 7  is just starting and I've decided to do just as many boy entries as girl entries this time around. When I saw that the flip was a dress pattern, well....lets just say ideas weren't very forthcoming. I didn't find it surprising. I mean, so far all the flips I've seen have been dresses. This one was just, stumping. 
While I was wracking my brain for anything, I decided to make a list of my goals for this season. 

1- To really push myself
2- To use my stash and buy NOTHING
3- To sew needs and practical items that will be used a ton this winter.

It was with that 3rd goal that an idea finally came to me. 
Fall is, well, here.
And Jude has zero things for it. 

Before I share, lets take a look at the original Oliver & S Popover Dress:

And here is what I finally came up with:

The Popover Jacket

Don't let the name fool you. It doesn't actually pop over his head. 

Obviously there are some massive changes. 
I started out with the bodice outline, then I added a piece at the top so the jacket would go all the way up. 
I split the front on the side and added an inch to each new side so it would overlap. 
I also just had it go strait down rather then flare out. Boys don't do the flare look very well. 
And the last very obvious change, adding sleeves and a collar.

I made it in a size 2T. It's a little big on Jude, but this kiddo is growing fast and winter isn't fully on us quite yet. 

Are you wanting more details??

There's a zipper pocket on one sleeve.

Welt pockets

I made it to be reversible, but then when I went to find buttons, I only had 5 that would match and buying more went against goal number 2.....something I can still add in the future. 

We placed a zip pocket on the inside chest too. 

While taking pics of Jude, Paisley kept coming up and being in the pictures, so I had her try it on. She's a massive skinny mini, and besides the sleeve length, it totally worked.

The moustache fabric is the same I used for Judes coat last year. What can I say? I love it! 
The other is an extremely soft brown corduroy.

The jacket is also quilted, so it will keep him nice and warm.

Great thing is, I feel I met all my goals with this jacket! 

And it looks like Jude loves it too! BONUS!

I'll be putting up the tutorial for this jacket plus the size 2 pattern for free early next month, so keep an eye out! 

Update: Here's the link to the tutorial and free size 2 pattern! 


  1. I love it! I was trying to brain storm a boy remix for the Popover as well and thought a t-shirt would be to obvious and well...I have several great t-shirt patterns but a jacket! Now that is fabulous! Great job!
    Bonnie MS

  2. Adorable!! I even like it on your daughter with the 3/4 length sleeve!

  3. WOW! That's quite a pattern makeover! Love the jacket. The lining is super cute too.

  4. OMG is there anything not to love about it? You did an amazing job... =D

  5. Quite impressive! Nice details, and so fun to see your designs again this season:)

  6. Fantastic! I would have never thought of a jacket!!

  7. I love this jacket. What a great way to make it work for a boy. What fun fabric you had in your stash and the quilting and the zippers make it so professional.
    With Love,

  8. I'll have 2 cups of awesome please...oh you're out? Well, who drank them? Zafarani? Well, that makes sense....

  9. Amazing! You've taken 'pattern remix' to a whole new level.

  10. I love it! All the details are fabulous!

  11. Now this is different! great remix - my kids would love that jacket with all the zippers and mustache fabric :)

  12. This is amazing...I'm blown away! You did an awesome job flipping this sundress pattern!!!

  13. This is very nice! how creative you are! this jacket is a fantastic remix.

  14. You blew this one out of the park. **Most days** I'm glad we live in the deep south so that we don't need anything but a light jacket or fleece. But not when I see cute jackets like this.

  15. Love this remix! My favorite part is the zippered sleeve pocket. Great job!

  16. I LOVE that you made it into something for a boy! That jacket is fantastic! I love everything about it!

  17. Unisex jacket? You are awesome!!! (BTW, can't wait to meet you next week!!! LEt the countdown begin!)

  18. So good!!! That jacket is amazing. So many great details and the neckline is just awesome. What a unique and cool idea.

  19. Awesome jacket! Congratulations on the well deserved sew along win :)

  20. Congratulations, Karly!!! Way to go!

  21. So cute - congrats of winning the sew along this week!

  22. Congratulations Karly! I knew you'd win the sew along! =D (oh, and a side note, i've started that dress already!).

  23. Congratulations on the sew-along win, Karly!!


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