Flip This Pattern - Alphabet Collection

I've been meaning to participate in the "Flip this pattern" series every month. And guess what? Things get busy and I don't. lol 

I wasn't actually planning on joining in this month either. So much is going on, but when I went to check out what pattern was chosen for this months "surprise" pattern, my mind went off on it's own thinking of ways to flip any of the patterns in the Alphabet collection. I was lucky enough to test 2 of them (The Study Hall Jacket and the W Pants) and I just made the BBC vest for Aevarie (that will be shown in a future post), so I already had a feel for them. 
I put it aside though and focused more on everything else I was doing. 

Then a few nights ago an idea formed and I just couldn't help but make this sweet flip. 

The BBC Vest Dress. 

It's a pretty basic flip. I just cut out the BBC vest pattern  like you were going to add the peplum and added a skirt to it instead. I did trim the collar piece a bit so I could have the button closure go higher. I also added the button placket on the front too so it would be easy to get on and off. And you are going to want to size down with this dress. I made the size 3 for my daughter Paisley originally, but it has a much better fit on Zoe who is a size bigger. 

You can really see the difference.....and ummm....It was ironed in between. That helps. lol

I could have gone all super fancy. I thought of adding pockets to the front, or rainbow embroidery on the bottom, but this dress screamed "Simple and Chic" so I left is as is. 

All of my girls want one now, so I have the option to really change it up with theirs. 

And I just love it in this lovely light and soft chambray. 
The girls were fighting over it, and that's always a good sign!

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  1. I love your children! and the dress is great too!

  2. What a great dress! I would take one in my size.

  3. I love this dress. It's adorable in the chambray. I can see making one next spring for sure. Great flip!

  4. "Simple and chic!" Great phrase to describe this dress....and I love that chambray...

  5. This is adorable...I want one in my size! I think the racerback is so very pretty :)

  6. Absolutely stunning!
    I want to make one of this dresses for my daughters too!

  7. Absolutely stunning and marvelous job done. I really love it

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