Girl Flip

After I made Jude's Jacket, I started thinking that with a little more adjustment, the pattern I made would make a great raglan tee or dress. Since I hadn't made a girl flip for this week, I figured I could make Paisley or Zoe (since they are both almost the same size) a little knit dress for school.
Now, this is more of a 180 on the flip, where Judes Jacket was a total 360, but I love having great pieces that are really versatile and get worn a lot!

I kept the strap at the top in honor of the O+S Popover and I think it brings some interest to the front. 
We put the sleeves on too. Especially since you can now feel that Autumn chill in the air.

The knit has little pink roses all over it, so we used that color knit for the strap, pockets and neck binding for some contrast.

We're not really a "shoe" family. I mean, my kids love shoes, but when it gets down to it, they're really more like shoe hoarders then actual shoe wearers. So obviously both girls didn't wear shoes when taking pictures. 
Paisley loved the pockets and this child is a ham when taking pictures. 
The older girls have their "camera pose" all mastered, but Paisley.....she's herself. Which makes me happy! 

Although we did snag this pic! Makes you think she's got that "pose" down.....

Zoe on the other hand.....

Cheekiness is written all over that adorable little face. And that bottom picture? That's her "ant" interpretation, but come on, I didn't need to tell you that. It's quite obvious. :)

I'm excited to make Jude a bunch of shirts from this pattern too. 

You can check out Judes coat here

Can't wait for next week!! Candy theme. You can't go wrong with a theme like that!


  1. Are you going to do a tut for this one too? (fingers crossed) My only boy is 7 and can only wear certain jackets to school (and we don't really need them) but my girlies live in knit dresses :O)

  2. LOVE the ant pose. She's a natural model.
    I need a dress like this!

  3. I adore this dress! The pink band at the top is cool and shows the original yoke so it's perfect. Great job!

  4. Your fabric choice couldn't be any better. Love the colors and the combination!!! Your pictures are darling!

  5. How did I miss this last week? Adorable and so cozy looking!


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