Signature Style - A Family Affair

I am seriously stoked to have made it this far! I really am so touched by all the support and love I've received and I just want to say THANK YOU so much!!

I always have a hard time with signature style.
At first, I was thinking it's just figuring out your fashion style. Maybe you're edgy, or classic. Librarian or vampire wanna-be. My style seems to be all over the place, and then you throw in my kids opinions and, well, that's a whole lot of craziness.
I came to decide last season that I'm more Hipster then anything else, and as my brother put it, I'm "real Hipster" rather then a "faux" hipster. Yeah, that made me giggle when he said it.

In any case, this go round I've seen it a little differently. I have come to decide that Signature style is more then just proclaiming a style. It's more of stating who you are.

I have a deep love for creating. But, even with all that love, without the support of my children, I wouldn't be here. I would still sew, but it wouldn't be the same. My children's love of the clothing I make them inspires me to keep moving forward and learn more and more.
 So I want to give a shout-out to my silly wonderful gaggle and say how grateful I am to have them.
As I stated , when I was asked to participate in this season I sat all of my kids down and we went through what weeks they wanted and ideas on what to make.

Aevarie was my main focus for this week. We went for a "Taylor Swift Pop-star" look. I started drafting a girls fitted blazer the same time I started drafting the Juniper trench coat. It was a lot of work, but so incredibly worth it!

I used a teal canvas that had a slight stretch to it for the main and I lined it with Alexander Henry fabric.
We live in a place where it's cold a good chunk of the year, so I line everything for that little extra bit of warmth. Doesn't hurt that when using the right fabrics, a full lining turns everything reversible!

The skirt was simply 2 rectangles of stretch chiffon sewn together and gathered, with 2 rectangles of white cotton sewn together to make the lining and then both were attached to an elastic band.

I wanted to make a blouse, but that's just not Aevarie. Besides, a t-shirt totally fit into the "pop-star" vision.
She really wanted a short sleeve shirt and she is in love with my sisters Hippie fashion, so I went to making her a shirt with a Woodstock vibe.

We love the book "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss and decided that would be the perfect inspiration for her shirt.
I started with plain white knit and then I used clear elmers glue to draw out the little blob guy and write "The many colors of ME" underneath.
We put Gavin to work and had him blow dry it while I was sewing up other items.
After it was dry I put strait dye on it, splattering it in drops. I let it sit for a while and then stuck it in the wash with the rest of the shirts pieces. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I absolutely love it!
Once dried I went to work on machine and hand embroidering around the little blob guy and the words. I made the neck band have that unfinished look to add to the hippie Woodstock style.

Gavin has become very opinionated this last year on what he wears. Most of the time it's t-shirts and jeans, and in the end, that's what we decided on.

Gavin really wanted a short sleeved t-shirt out of this star knit so he could wear it in the summer.
He also asked me to add red to the shirt. I went around stars randomly and then did the topstitching in red.

His jeans were made using Titchy Threads, Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern (which is totally awesome).
I used jean thread to give it that more professional look.
He has worn these almost every single day, so they are definitely a hit!

And now for the "Pirate Suit" picture.
Friday afternoon Gavin drew in one of my croquis models with an outfit that he wanted me to make him.
I'm sad that I did not have the time to make it for him for the competition, but it will be made!

We had a bit of a set back when my SD card spazzed on me and we ended up with only 5 pictures out of a few hundred. So after getting my back up SD card, we went back out to grab more pictures.
I'm lucky that these two are total hams and love taking pictures!

Now is the time to head back and vote for your favorite look!
Thank you again for this amazing experience!!


Blazer: Anise Blazer drafted by me
Skirt: drafted by me


And that's a wrap!


  1. Nice topstitching!!! In love with that jacket and skirt though...wonderful colors.

  2. Very, very courageous to sew for a 10 year old boy! I love the blazer on Aevarie the best! I wish you would make one for me!! And her skirt is awesome...we love it (of course!)

    Our sew along submission can be seen here http://skirtfixation.com/2014/02/t-shirt-dress-outfit/ (Thanks for all you past comments on our work, too!)

  3. Wow! Those jeans are amazing. Love the blazer too. You rocked this season!

  4. Such fun outfits! I especially love the blazer!

  5. I love that you made a look for each of your kids! That's definitely the spirit of Run and Play :) And since I only have boys, I'm always a sucker for boy looks (and Small Fry Skinnies, of course!).

  6. You did such an awesome job. I LOVE the colors of your daughters outfit. It just screams spring to me. Good Luck!!

  7. Woow, such great outfits! Love the idea of the topstitching on the shirt around the stars.

  8. great job and awesome outfits! the blazer and skirt are my favorite!

  9. I love that blazer and skirt. You did such a great job this season! I love the picture of all the kids at the end.

  10. A beautiful body of work Karly! Great job including all of your gorgeous kids and appreciating their style while you were at it. I hope my kids continue to enjoy having me sew for them the way yours do!

  11. Of course you are in the final, you have done amazing job every week! Love the colors you have selected for your daughter's outfit, and red added to that start shirt!

  12. love it! And impressive topstitching on knits! your kids are hilarious :)

  13. Great ending photo....and Aevarie's color scheme is wonderful.

  14. The jeans are awesome I can see how they would be a hit! Great job this season! -Rachel

  15. Love your outfits! And those jeans are fantastic!!! Love the topstitching on the pockets. :) It's great to see homemade outfits on older boys. I've never tried jeans for my boys yet...

  16. I absolutely LOVE the zombie picture! I miss those kids. You do such a good job Kar. And you have the best models out there! Good luck on the final week!!!

  17. Lovely post! You're such a sport to have your kids influence your design process! Although, they have great style, just like their mom! I love the photo at the end--your signature style is apparent in each piece.

  18. Fantastic! The jeans? They're real JEANS! Just amazing - so well done! And good luck.

  19. I keep coming back to these colours! Gorgeous outfits :)

  20. Did I not comment on this already?? I thought I did, but I just came back again and don't see it. I must have forgotten to click enter :)

    I love these outfits and especially that you let them have some say in what they became. The colors are so lovely. As usual the sewing is just perfect :)

  21. I was sure that I commented on these adorable outfits already?! You did a wonderful job making both outfits. I am so impressed with Gavin's jeans. All that topstitching and it looks so perfect! Wow! Your daughter's shirt is so cute with the 'blob guy' and the hand embroidery.

  22. Wow! Amazing outfits! I want her outfit for myself!

  23. I really like the choice of colors in the girl outfit with jacket. It's so neat how it brings out the color of her eyes and skin tone!! Great work!!

  24. CONGRATS on being the 1st place winner of PROJECT RUN AND PLAY! Your creative outfits for your son & daughter are FAB! How do you find the time to sew with 5 kids & husband? AMAZING! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  25. I didn't comment before but I was amazed by this look, especially your girl's look. I am so in love with that blazer's colour... just so beautiful.


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