Upcycle - Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

I am so excited to have made it to this week!

I was thrilled to find out that we would have an upcycle week.
We're pretty big on upcycling here. Our girls currently get the "hand-me-down" system and Jude get's the "big brother and Daddy's clothes upcycled" system.

The first thing I did was dump everything in my upcycle stash onto my floor to see what would go together.
Here's what I chose to use for these looks:
Here's a breakdown of Jude's look.

For Judes look I decided that I wanted to do a button up shirt, knit shirt to go under and a pair of pants.

I did modify the shirt to be a zip up other then having a button placket. I made the cuffs smaller, added a tab to the back, and added an extra pocket on the front. The zipper was in my stash and the 2 buttons for the front pockets were in my "upcycle button" jar.

With the pants, I used the original belt loops, zipper and button. Since they were made from a pair of khaki pants with welt pockets in the back, I kept that theme and modified them to have the welts rather then sewn on pockets. The waist band was changed from the original pattern and then they were dyed to match the colors in the shirts.

I made Jude a matching belt using the polka dot sheets and some d-rings that were in my stash.

Now, the knit shirt......it was in our upcycle pile. It had been there for ages. It was also a v-neck so I just assumed it was one of those shirts that my mum had bought my husband as a gift on clearance and he wont wear v-neck shirts......
It wasn't until after I made Jude's hooded shirt and my dad saw it that he said, "Hey! That's where my shirt went!".....Whoops!
He's super stoked that I used it for Jude and proud to show it off, but next time I may double check with him to make sure it's not a shirt that was accidentally left at our house!

(If you look closely you can see that the stripes are all matched up on the seams.)

And now the breakdown of Paisley's outfit.

For Paisley's look I knew I wanted to make a dress. My girls adore dresses, but during the winter I rarely allow them to wear them out, because of the cold.
Spring is a whole different ball game though.

I decided to use the All Spice pattern I drafted and have been grading, but then I modified it to incorporate the zipper rather then a button placket to match Jude's shirt.

The front has 2 pintucks down each side of the zipper.
There are also belt loops I used to tie the sash behind her.

I really wanted to make a crop jacket to go over the dress and was stoked to be able to get all the pieces cut out of one pant leg! (minus the lining of course!)

I modified the coat to be a jacket. Cutting the sleeves short and adding a band at the bottom to come right at Paisley's waist. With spring in mind and the zippers, I just knew a little blue bird should be embroidered on the front of the jacket. The shoulders were already accented with the tabs, but the front was perfect to have the bluebird!

It was also fate that 6 jean buttons were in my button stash. I was over the moon finding them in my button, bead and all funky things jars!

I'm totally throwing in the blurry picture of the pants and jacket being dyed.

And now that we've tuckered out the baby, you can head back and vote for your favorite look!


Shirt: Modified Ring Master Shirt by Ottobre Magazine issue 6/2013
Hoodie: Modified Bimaa Hoodie by LouBee Clothing
Pants: Modified Mancini Pants by Ottobre Magazine issue 6/2013

Dress: All Spice Dress, drafted by me and coming this Spring
Jacket: Modified Cadette Coat by Cali Faye Collection
Adjustable hair bow: made by me.


  1. I love these two outfits! I especially like the striped top, the dress and the cropped jacket. And the color scheme!

  2. Delight! Great job! Reviewing photos for the sixth time. So many details! You're a real fairy! Voted for you :)

  3. love that zipper on the button up tee!
    and of course that knit bimaa.
    great job again this week!!

  4. Amazing, AGAIN! I LOVE the bird on the jacket, and the lining of the jacket, and well... Everything

  5. I love the little jacket on Jude! And that dress is amazing! My niece loves twirly "princess" dresses, so I'll be watching for the release :)

  6. This is amazing. I'm generally on team Frances Suzanne but you totally blew my socks off this week :) I can't believe you got all those pieces out of one pair of pants! You are a wizard!

  7. Amazing work! You are so talented, and I love the bird on the jacket! We made a leather jacket for the sew along competition this week, (you can see it here http://skirtfixation.com/2014/01/childs-leather-jacket-made-leather-skirt/) and it was lined too, but not as well as yours! You are inspiring :)

  8. Love the color scheme!! And the cadette coat is too, too cute. Off to check out that pattern company....I'm not familiar with it!

  9. Both outfits are adorable! Love the zippers!

  10. I really like the colours of the bimaa! Funny story about grandpa missing his shirt :)

  11. Love these! So very creative! :)

  12. Both outfits are amazing with so many details! What a transformations of all the items you have used. I am WOWed by your talent!

  13. You had an amazing eye to spot all these fabrics and see how well they'd coordinate! I really like the cropped jacket and sweet bird. You've made refashioning look so cool!

  14. everything is great. My favorite is the jacket and jacket. I am amazed that you were able to cut the jacket from one pant leg. that bird is perfect.Great job.

  15. Karly, I love the pinafore look to the dress and his cute zip up collared shirt--great work this week:)

  16. So good this week karly! I really love the zipper on this dress. The hard of the zip combined with the tiny pleats is so interesting. I also love that you upcycled the wrong shirt. Haha. The color was perfect so it must have been meant to be :)

  17. I love it!!! That's so funny about Grandpa's shirt ;) And, the dye job matches perfectly!

  18. Such cute coordinating outfits on your kids! Love how you made polka dots totally suitable for little boys!

  19. Congrats on making it through another week. You did an incredible job. :)

  20. So darling! You made a very nice matching outfits for you boy and girl. I love the polka dot dress and jacket sooo much. Wonderful work!

  21. this is absolutely adorable! great job!


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