Let's Go To The Movies - Moulin Rouge

First off, I have to say WOW! I am so touched by the amount of people that voted for me and so stoked to be on another week. The competition is definitely fierce and I cannot wait to see what everyone makes this week!

It took me a while to figure out what to do with this one.

My favorite movie is "Moulin Rouge" and here's a bit of a confession. When Moulin Rouge first came out on video, my husband rented it for us to watch. We didn't even make it through the first 10 minutes. This movie was NOT what I thought it would be and quite frankly I was scared how the rest was going to turn out. My husband took it back the next day and I didn't even think about it for a few years. Then one day, I was talking to either my sister or best friend about Ewan McGreggor (I adore him) and they said how awesome Moulin Rouge was. I thought back to that crazy movie that we had turned off and was shocked. There's no way that guy was Ewan McGreggor! I promised to watch it (mostly cause I was in denial).
During the first 10 minutes I still had that, "this movie is totally wacked out, how can it get better", mindset. But it WAS Ewan McGreggor AND he was singing!!
Suddenly the movie took a turn and I was HOOKED!

Although I am mostly in love with the music of Moulin Rouge, I do love the fashion. My color palette was very easy to come up with. Black, White, Moulin Rouge Red and Sparkling Diamond!

In the movie Satine's bodyguard, Chocolat, wears these black and white striped pants and I just knew that I wanted them for this look. I tried looking on the web for a picture, but finally resorted to watching the movie to grab the pic. What a shame.

I started off with Peek-a-boo Patterns Skinny Jeans, but this girl is a stick, so we had to modify them quite a bit. We started off with the size 6 waist, but adjusted the rise and length and then made the legs skinnier to make them true skinny jeans. Pockets were also modified to fit the width and length. 
I found this small black and white striped fabric and it was PERFECT! I cut on the bias for the pockets and waist band to give it some dimension and make them fun. I also added a red zipper for some POP!

We needed a shirt, so I made up Made By Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee and then appliqued the words "Sparkling Diamond" onto it. This little diva is a "sparkling diamond" after all.

Ziddler wears red in the movie, so I made a red vest, modifying the Haute Hippie Crop Jacket . First off, we took off the sleeves and then I changed the back to incorporate a corset. I also added black lace along the lapel. This is the piece that really brings in the Moulin Rouge.

Lastly, we have the accessories. I made a collar necklace and matching cuff bracelets out of sparkly "bling" fabric. This gives the shirt a dressier look, but she can take them off for regular days at school.
I also made a top hat clip and a purse. 

Now, On with the show!

We also had a "photobomber".

He knew what the Moulin Rouge was all about.

And now, you can head back over and check out everyone else's looks and vote! 


  1. You are amazing. AND that vest. that vest is amazing :)

  2. Those striped pants are out of this world! I have to try that pattern myself. Your workmanship was so professional. Congratulations on creating an eye popping submission to this challenge.

  3. Those pants are absolutely darling. And the accessories totally make the look. Love the hat!

  4. Those custom fit pants are amazing! Again, each pieces is so beautifully made, what an outfit!!

  5. look at those pants.
    love love the stripes.
    awesome job!!

  6. I went, I voted, and THEN I saw the red zipper on the pants. Love it all. Good job, Karly!

  7. I love love love the top hat clip! So adorable! And it's a great idea for the collar to be separate :)

  8. What a great look! I love how you got the feel of the movie...but in a completely kid appropriate way! Talent indeed!

  9. Cute pants!! Can't go wrong with stripes....

  10. Your accessories are so much fun!! Lovely interpretation, especially those amazing pants!

  11. First of all congratulations for being able to turn something inspired in Moulin Rouge into something totally kid appropriate. Then I have to say how amazed I am at all the details that make this outfit... I love the hat, the lettering and most of all, when I saw the back of that vest I drolled. I love it!!! Good luck, I so much want you to stay in the competition to see what else you have to show!!!

  12. Wow! The whole outfit is charming but I just love the accessories. You are so very creative and talented!

  13. You are amazingly talented! I LOVE this look... Great job!


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