Vacation! Hanson Concert

It's Vacation week!
Can you guess my favorite "vacation" spot?

I know, I know. It's rather different. 
We have taken a total of 2 family vacations, both to Cali and the beach.
 BUT with a foot of fresh snow outside, I just wasn't feelin it.

I was talking to a friend and she asked, "isn't going to your concerts kind of like a mini-vacation?"
Why yes, yes it is. 
Each one is a mini-girls day that I ditch my husband and kids and have a mini-vacation day for me.
I also love to show off my love for Hanson. 
Yes, we're talking about the long haired, MMM Bop brothers here.
Scoff if you must, but their concerts are pretty epic.
So here's my "Hanson Concert Vacation" look.
 I started off with making a Hanson logo Tee using the Jolly Roger Raglan Tee. I traced the Hanson logo on some knit and appliqued it on the front.
The pants are the HOSH Pants made out of stretch denim with little hearts on them, cause I heart me some Hanson!
And now a list of things I take with me to the concert:
#1 - Small purse
#3- CAMERA, and sadly not a DSLR one. :(
#4 Something to get autographs on. 
(note: I totally stole this from my sister. I do not own a phone that will fit in it, but I still take it with me everywhere.....)

I hope this has been enough to convince you to love Hanson. If not, oh well. That just leaves more Hanson for me!
Too, Hanson plays at Mayfest in Tulsa OK every year and that is one event I want to take my kids to eventually, so one day it really will be a family vacation! 


  1. This shirt's ready to "Shout it Out" that you win "This Time Around". This vacation is definitely A ways away from your "3 Car Garage". Makes me want to go outside and "Take the Walk". I bet that "Underneath" your sewing exterior, you'd rather be in the "Middle of Nowhere" singing your own personal "Anthem". Well, I'm going to make like a "Boomerang" and get back to the point- Great job, Karly!

    And yes, I really do love you enough to Google Hanson album names for the sake of a blog comment.

  2. Hanson is a great pop band. They are seriously talented. No joke. And I made bean a pair of hosh in that same fabric! Great minds :)

  3. I think that is very cute. Not my cup of tea for vacation but I admire the variety. Paris, the beach, New York City - BORING! Seeing Hanson in concert - unique!

    And the outfit is very cute.

  4. What a fun outfit! :) I love the HOSH pants in that denim print.

  5. OK... now you just killed me with this one! of course I love it! I'm sad I lost track of their latest work, but you know, I was such a huge fan in my teens.

  6. The amazing Karly sews along? Forget Hanson...you rock!

  7. Omg!! I love the shirt.. It takes me back to my teenage years.. I was a huge Hanson fan... (People thought I was nuts)

  8. This is perfect. Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursdays!


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