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I am soooo excited about this post, you have no idea!
Sew-a-bration is about celebrating women in all our shapes and sizes.
I made the Laurel Dress and Tunic for me which is in the Sew Fab Bundle, but more about that in a bit. First my inspiration for this look.
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We're coming close to Mothers Day and I have had the opportunity to participate in some fun things centered around motherhood this last week. I had the most amazing experience of being able to shoot a video with Alex Boye. And if you haven't heard of him, you have been living under the rock of a blissful, Frozen free world. Not that I have anything against Frozen, my girls have totally picked up on the craze and it's an obsession around here. 

Seriously though, check out Alex Boye's cover of Let It Go with One Voice Children's Choir. It's awesome.

So, how does selfish sewing and a music video all tie in together? 
Alex Boye was a performer speaker at SNAP. He told us that blogging mum's saved his life when one day a blogger shared his video and it went viral which kicked off his career.

So when a blogger mentioned making a music video to honor women, Alex totally took to the idea and made it happen!
He really truly made us feel incredibly special and I absolutely loved his analogy that we are like swans on a lovely serene lake, but underneath it all our legs are going miles a minute to keep us moving.
He had us all cracking up flinging his arms around. It was hilarious!

(The amazing Kaylynn who pitched the idea!)

When we got on location to film the video, we were all given these amazing leggings from Agnes and Dora.
I'm really not a legging gal, but that's apparently because I just didn't have the "RIGHT" leggings.

I could rub these babies all day long.
Until May 12th, Agnes and Dora is having 20% off your entire order with the code MOM20.
I totally took advantage of that and have a few pairs on their way to me.
You know you want to!
(Just to make it clear, I have zero affiliation with Agnes and Dora, I just know their leggings are amazing.)

I had to make a new shirt to match these awesome leggings and I just so happened to have the Laurel Dress and Tunic Pattern by Greenstyle Creations that is in the Sew Fab Sale going on right now. I didn't have much of this knit that perfectly matched the orangey-red in the leggings, so I had to change the pattern up.

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I left off the cowl and just used a band around the neckline, made it sleeveless, shortened it to a shirt and did a gathered hem rather than a pleated one. I did use the longest bodice length, cause my torso is longer than average.
Now it will be perfect for the summer!
It took no time at all to sew up and I just LOVE it!
You can't make a mum happier on Mothers Day than with a fast, quick sew that fits perfectly!

Needless to say I love this outfit!
Don't I look right at home like a tiger in the wild? Rawr!

Yeah....I actually have no clue what I'm doing there....so you get one of me laughing at myself.

Here's some pictures of the shoot.

Alex is amazing and I am so inspired by him. I'm really glad my 15 minutes of fame will be participating in his music video and I shall be known as the crazy chicka that can't dance. ;)
Thank you Alex for a once in a lifetime (or you know, if it wants to happen again, I would totally be okay with that!) experience!

And before I go, 

You'll thank me!
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  1. Such a fun outfit, and it is so great that you're part of that video.
    Oh, and you look so tall in those leggings!!!

  2. the pic of your leg over the fence will give me dreams for many nights ;)

  3. You are too funny and you look gorgeous! the tunic goes great with the leggings. Awesome job!

  4. What a great outfit! And that video is so AWESOME! How fun to say you got to be a part of it!

  5. Great outfit! I love the top. I can't wait to make one for myself!!!


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