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This tour was such a great idea! I just love typography on kids clothes and we use it a lot.
And yes, that is marker all over my little boy.
The girls got them out and before I knew it.......

It wasn't hard to get inspiration for the shirt I made.
My baby boy is named Jude (in case I've never mentioned that) and he was named after the song "Hey Jude" by the Beatles.

I love this flow chart and used it when my kids were having problems getting the verses down in the song to sing to their baby brother.

I copied the flow chart on a piece of white cotton fabric with a sharpie. Here's the thing.....that's a big NO with kid clothes.
You may think this would have been obvious, but I really had no clue.
I lined his shirt so the marker wouldn't touch his skin, but if you plan to write on clothes make sure the marker you're using is non-toxic and safe for kids.

  I used the cupcake top from the Sew Fab Bundle but cut the sleeves short for the upcoming summer.
It's such an easy pattern and so fast to sew up!
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My baby boy was throwing a fit when we were trying to take pictures.
 I just love how this boy pouts!

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  1. When ever you write about Jude this song always plays in my head it was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar.
    This is ultra adorable great job!

  2. What a fun idea. You should send shwin and shwin a note about this post. Her son is a little "hey jude" too

  3. Yay! I love this shirt, Karly! Such a simple idea but I love the way it immortalizes your favorite lyrics. And don't feel too badly about the marker. I think every kid in America has ended up with Sharpie on their bodies at some point in their childhoods. It's a right of passage, right? Thanks so much for joining in on the typographic fun!

  4. another great top! You dress your boy with style, thanks for linking up with Embellish is for BOYS!


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