Adding an Invisible Zipper to a Fully Lined Dress

I've been holding onto these photo's for quite some time and really have no clue why it's taken me so long to post them. Let me state, I totally am not a sewing guru know it all or anything like that, but I thought everyone could enjoy a free invisible zipper tutorial.
So lets start!

Before you begin, iron your invisible zipper on LOW heat so the teeth lay flat. 
If you use a high heat you can melt your zipper and that wont be good.

1- line zipper up on one side of MAIN dress.
2- Make sure the top plastic/metal stopper is lined up with the top of your main bodice piece. 
3- Sew zipper in place making sure NOT to go over the top of the main fabric. Sew the other side of the zipper in.

4 -5 - take lining and fold it right sides together back over.
6- Sew lining down using the line you sewed the zipper down as your guide. 
Be really careful here cause you don't want to sew over that line and get the teeth!

 7- Clip top corner
8- Clip zipper top off
9- Turn right side out. Your bottom half will not be sewn together.

 10- Cut the overhanging zipper off at the bottom.
11- Line main fabric right sides together and lining right sides together.
12- Sew from the bottom up to line up with your sewn zipper line. 
Make sure to line that line up. 
This way you enclose the bottom of the zipper and don't get that bunched up look!
13- Do the same with the main, sewing bottom up to the zipper line.

Now it will look like this and you can turn it inside out and be done!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! 

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  1. So glad you posted this on your blog! Good for you for taking ownership of your own work when someone tried to claim it as their own. That's why I admire you...you don't just let the jerks keep being jerks. Haha! You definitely know your stuff, lady!


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